Family law is a very broad subject in itself. If you, as a foreigner, want to get married or divorce in Turkey, professional lawyers offer you legal assistance in this regard.

In this context, you can benefit from legal consultancy services and receive support on different issues regarding marriage, divorce or family law. To do this, all you have to do is contact the family law attorney and provide information.

Family Law Definition

How is family law definition made? Family law, in general, exists for the happy and peaceful continuation of the family health of the individuals who make up the society.

Conflicts or behavioral disorders within family members can make it difficult for the family to continue. Even though it is undesirable, divorce situations can occur. Family law divorce attorney steps in here and helps the parties who want to divorce.

Divorce and Family Law Assistance in Turkey

Divorce lawyers assist their clients with divorce. First, the reasons for divorce are evaluated. Accordingly, it is determined whether a consensual or contested divorce case will be filed.

After this, the law firm for family law prepares the divorce petition in accordance with the reason for separation. Finally, the petition is submitted to the competent family court, the fees are paid, and a divorce case is filed.In order to file a divorce case, after a written petition is prepared, it is submitted to the competent family court. One of the courts that can be applied to is the court of the place where one of the spouses resides. The other competent court is the court of the place where the spouses lived together for the last 6 months before the case was heard.

However, if a consensual lawsuit is to be filed, this can happen anywhere in Turkey. If there is no family court in the relevant local court, an application is made to the civil court of first instance.

As a law firm, our law firm serves you legal services in divorce cases in Turkey with English speaking lawyers. If you want to get legal help or information about divorce, you can contact us.

Divorce Lawyers

Family law practice areas have a very wide structure. Divorce is one of them. Divorce in Turkey can be done in two different ways: consensual and contested.

Since both of these are different, one should choose the one that is most suitable for the couple. Reasons for divorce are also an important issue that needs to be addressed. Top family law lawyers also provide legal assistance to their clients on such matters.

Top Family Law Lawyers in Turkey

Top family law solicitors provide services in many areas of law. In this context, in general terms, services such as the following are provided:

  • Uncostested divorce case
  • Contested divorce case
  • Custody cases
  • Removal of the violent spouse from the home
  • Recognition and enforcement proceedings

In addition, family law consultation is among the services provided. Our law firm offers its clients the legal solutions they are looking for with its professional English-speaking lawyers.

Custody Lawyers

Family law also includes the issue of child custody. It includes the rules regarding this, especially if the parents have decided to divorce. The rules regarding custody are included in the Civil Code No. 4721, which regulates that parents have this right until the age of 18.If a divorce occurs, custody of the child is given to one of the parents. There are several factors that affect this decision. One of these is which parent can offer a better life and education for the child. Custody lawyer also provides legal services to its clients in custody cases.

Family Law Practice Areas

Family law practice areas have a very wide structure. Family law generally regulates the proper conduct of the divorce process by protecting the rights of family members. Application areas generally include:

  • Family Residence
  • Cheating Situation
  • One of the Spouses Having a Mental Illness
  • Consensual Divorce
  • Separation Status
  • Shaken to the Foundations of the Marital Union
  • Divorce Due to De facto Separation
  • Divorce in Foreign Courts

Our law firm, with its staff of international aggressive family law attorneys, assists you in this and different areas of law.

Divorce in Turkey

Family law law firms also provide legal support to their clients regarding divorce. In both types of divorce cases mentioned above, a written petition is made by going to the competent family court to file a lawsuit. These can be prepared by the parties or by attorneys on behalf of the parties. Evidence in contested divorces attached to the petition; In consensual divorces, the consensual divorce protocol is included.

With the opening of the case, the family court prepares a memorandum of consent. These parties are notified.

Child Custody in Turkey

Top family law solicitors also provide services to their clients on child custody. During divorce cases, any decision that will affect the child is made by the court within the scope of his or her best interest. Therefore, in all matters concerning the child, the judge decides by taking into account the best interests of the child first.

It is decided which parent would be more beneficial for him to stay with for his development, care and psychology. Injunction decisions are important not only at the end of the divorce case, but also during the divorce case.

Getting Married in Turkey

Family law attorneys also provide services for those who want to get married in Turkey. A Turkish citizen who wants to marry a foreign citizen needs a number of documents for the marriage to take place. This also applies to foreigners.

Some conditions are required for documents received from foreign authorities to be valid in Turkey. Our law firm also provides legal support to its clients on family law.

Adoption in Turkey

Family law advice also includes adoption procedures. Adoption Agency in the Turkish Civil Code, articles 305-320. are included in the articles. Paternity can be established through birth on the mother’s side, marriage, recognition and paternity suit on the father’s side. Additionally, if there are adoption conditions between the adopter and the adopted child, lineage is established.

In general, the minor is required to be cared for and raised by the adopter for one year. Adoption must be for the benefit of the minor. In addition, the adopter should not unfairly harm the interests of his or her other children. As a law firm for family law, you can contact us.

Nuptial Agreements in Turkey

Family law attorneys also provide services regarding marriage contracts. In this context, topics such as when the marriage will take place, where the marriage will take place after marriage, where the wedding will be held and whether there will be children or not can be shared.

Our law firm also assists its clients on marriage contracts. Since our lawyers can speak a foreign language fluently, communication is established without any problems.

The Law Firm for Family Law

Every branch of law has a structure that requires expertise. Family law is also included in this scope. If you, as a foreigner, need help on family law, our law firm provides you with legal support. After contacting us, simply specify which service you would like to receive.

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Many issues are included in family law, from custody to divorce. If you, as a foreigner, need legal support on this matter, you can contact a family lawyer to get detailed information. Our law firm serves you with its staff of lawyers who speak fluent English.