Migration occurs for a variety of causes, as the most common causes: economic, political, and war-related migrations account for the vast majority of global migrations. Many people around the world are affected by immigration, particularly illegal immigration. Although the need to regulate immigration on a legal basis was born many years ago immigration law and enforcement have been the subject of intense discussion in especially recent years. 

Immigration law originated in order to control cross-border travel and to set standards for controlling the flow of immigrants into a nation. It promotes population management, preserves national security, and ensures that immigrants are successfully assimilated into the host society. Immigration law also outlines procedures for dealing with undocumented immigration and asylum seekers, in addition to protecting the rights of both immigrants and citizens. 

Since the concept of immigration brings with it complex problems by its very nature, many studies have been carried out in the national and international arena to regulate foreign migration, and these studies and agreements between countries have constituted a source for immigration law. Along with the agreements Turkey is a signatory to, our domestic law also regulates immigration and its outcomes in different areas of law. 

What is Immigration Law?

Immigration Law generally deals with issues such as residence permit and citizenship. Turkey attracts the attention of many people every year with its advanced facilities compared to surrounding countries, its natural beauties and other opportunities. In this respect, Turkish residence permit and citizenship is an issue that concerns many foreigners. Each country has its own rules for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship. If a person wants to buy these from a foreign country, there are many legal issues he needs to know. These include issues such as application methods, required documents, and required conditions.

Immigration Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Due to the constantly changing nature of immigration law and the general procedure for migrants in Turkey, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a lawyer or legal expert for those wishing to permanently migrate to Turkey. Immigration lawyer Turkey who specialize in immigration law will ensure that your immigration process is carried out in a legal sense, while at the same time providing the necessary legal assistance during the process.

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English Speaking Turkish Immigration Lawyer

Turkish immigration lawyers with a high level of English proficiency will provide expertise in Turkish law as well as direct communication without language barriers in the process of assisting those seeking to immigrate to Turkey. In this way, lawyers who will not have problems in one-to-one communication with their clients will consider their wishes while trying to experience the process in the most accurate way for their clients and will provide services in which legal rights and client demands are seen as a priority in the general context.

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What Does Immigration Law Cover?

Turkey’s immigration law points out a wide range of issues with the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458, and associated legislation. These different legislations aim at outlining a set of requirements and procedures that individuals need to comply with to legally enter and stay in Turkey. The significant areas of Turkey’s immigration law include the following:

  • Immigrant Rights and Obligations,
  • Visas,
  • Residency Permits,
  • Work Permits,
  • Citizenship And Naturalization,
  • Deportation & Administrative Supervision
  • Asylum Seeking
  • International Protection

Turkish Resident Permit Services

Residence permit is valid for foreign nationals who will stay in Turkey longer than the visa or visa exemption period or 90 days. This must be obtained from the Provincial Immigration Administration where it is located. As a legal document, it shows the period the foreigner will stay in Turkey.This document is important for reasons such as protecting public order, preventing negative situations that may occur and identifying foreign nationals in Turkey.Although individual applications can be made for a Turkish residence permit, the process may proceed slowly, or some mistakes may be made because people are not familiar with the law. If you want to apply for a residence permit, getting help from professional lawyers will help you during the process.

Should I get Legal Help for Turkish Citizenship?

There are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Therefore, if a foreign person wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, he should know these:

  • Presentation of immovable property in Turkey
  • Starting a business and investing
  • Opening a business subject to a work permit
  • Being married to a Turkish citizen
  • Having a mother, father, sibling or child who has previously acquired Turkish citizenship

In addition, there are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Each route has important details that need to be known. People must pay attention to this in order for the application to be successful.Getting help from professional lawyers in this process will allow you to find the most suitable way to obtain citizenship and to know how to apply for it.

Residence Permit Attorney Istanbul

Settlement in Turkey can be fast due to different reasons. In general terms, these can be stated as short-term Turkish residence permit, long-term residence permit, student residence permit and family residence permit.Depending on the residence permit a person will apply for, the documents they need to prepare, important issues they need to know, and the conditions they must meet may vary greatly. In this regard, there are many mistakes people can make during the process without getting the help of an expert lawyer.If you want to avoid these mistakes, it is recommended to contact law firms that serve you as experts in Istanbul Turkish residence permit. As a result, you can get legal support on issues you are curious about and complete the application process more accurately and quickly. You can complete your application by preparing all the necessary documents correctly.

The Immigration Law Firm and Office: Celiktas Law

With our experienced attorneys, Celiktas Law Firm provides legal experience in immigration law. In order to secure our clients’ best interests, we navigate the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship, obtaining Turkish citizenship through investments and real estate purchases, managing the application process for residence permits, managing the application process for work permits, applying for asylum, and other related matters involving immigrant rights and procedure with regard to relocating in Turkey. Along with all the procedures, we follow up on your cases regarding immigration law matters and offer immediate support and assistance in the event of any legal complications.

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Law Advisory for Turkish Citizenship 

In order acquire Turkish citizenship one must first demonstrate that they meet the conditions established in Turkish legislation. And there are two major ways for people who meet the conditions to become Turkish citizens: through general acquisition of Turkish citizenship and through exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship. With regard to the exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship, Turkey implemented a series of legislation aimed at expediting the procedure that has been relatively easy for people who want to immigrate to Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. The criteria and process for obtaining Turkish citizenship are subject to ongoing revision in order to meet modern requirements. The legal processes governing these means can be complex because the outcome is not certain and depends on how the administration interprets each application.

Therefore, consulting legal professionals is going to prevent making mistakes and greatly improve the likelihood that the outcome of your Turkish citizenship application will be successful.

Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

Every year, many foreigners obtain Turkish citizenship, and there are also those who will apply for it for the first time. In such cases, the first question that comes to mind is how to obtain citizenship.If you have plans to obtain Turkish citizenship, you need to know different issues such as Turkish citizenship by investment and find the one that is most suitable for you and apply. Procedures and conditions for each type of citizenship application may vary.In this regard, it is always recommended for people who are considering obtaining Turkish citizenship to obtain legal support on the subject. Immigration attorney helps you with its experienced lawyers. You can contact us without any communication problems through our lawyers who speak English professionally, so you can receive legal support. You can get help on this issue at any time by choosing one of the channels we offer for communication.