Consumer law is one of the most important branches of law today. Because when people engage in both traditional commerce and e-commerce, different problems may arise about the product. Turkish consumer law also comes into play in this regard.

Consumer law, which is an important branch of law, is a type of law that compensates people for their damages by protecting their health, economy and security. It includes procedures in cases where there is no agreement between the seller and the consumer of damaged, defective goods and services.

What is Consumer Law?

Consumer Law has a very broad structure within itself. In this context, it comes into play when defective or damaged goods or services are provided to the consumer. Especially with the increase in consumption recently, consumers and sellers resort to this law.

In basic terms, a consumer is a person who acts for non-commercial and non-professional purposes. In this context, the law that examines the relationships between consumers and sellers is consumer law.

This type of law secures the rights of consumers. Consumer protection law Turkey provides protection for the goods purchased and used by consumers within the scope of Law No. 6502. Another important concept in consumer law is consumer transactions. Transactions made by the consumer and the seller are classified as consumer transactions.

What Does Consumer Law Cover?

Consumer rights are divided into classes within themselves. In general terms, the topics in question can be given as follows:

  • The right to meet basic needs
  • The right to protection of health and safety
  • Protection of economic interests
  • Right to information
  • Right to education
  • Right to compensation
  • The right to organize and be represented
  • Basic consumer rights

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Consumer Debt Law Firm in Turkey

Consumer protection law firm provide detailed services in this field. Consumer Law in the Republic of Türkiye is one of the independent branches of law. As we mentioned above, consumers are being protected here. Our law firm provides legal services not only to Turkish citizens but also to foreign nationals.

If a product is defective, consumers can apply to the relevant authorities. People must first go to consumer arbitration committees in accordance with the rules determined by law.

The arbitral tribunal examines the file and appoints an expert on the subject. The decisions made by the consumer arbitration committee can be enforced, and if people think that the decision is not correct, they can go to the consumer court within 15 days. As consumer debt law firm, we assist you until the end of the process with its expert lawyers.

English-Speaking Turkish Consumer Law Lawyers

If a product is defective or damaged, it is possible to benefit from certain rights. The consumer can withdraw from the contract by stating that he is ready to return the purchased goods. The consumer can request a discount on the sales price without giving the sold goods to the seller.

In addition, different requests can also be made. In this context, requests such as repair or replacement with a new product can also be made. However, the important issue is the duration. Regarding consumer rights, there are periods that consumers can benefit from. The periods used for consumer rights are specified in the law.

The contract between the parties includes a 2-year statute of limitations from the date the relevant goods are delivered to the consumer, unless a longer period is possible. In this regard, attention should be paid to the statute of limitations in the field of consumer law.

Consumer law lawyers assist their clients in all these matters. If consumers have a problem with the products or services purchased, the court they apply to is the consumer law court. The jurisdiction of the said court covers disputes arising from consumer transactions according to Law No. 6501.

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