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Welcome to Celiktas Law Firm

Celiktas Law Firm is established as a Turkish Law Firm in Istanbul serving clients worldwide on an international scale.

Our Law Firm offers a wide range of services to its clients. In every single case, our team work relentlessly from the beginning to the end of the legal process.

Our office combines its legal knowledge with its practical experience to offer the most efficient results. As it focuses only on selected areas of law, it provides personalized expert services for all its clients.

Our law office works as a law firm that provides international services to its global clients. Services are provided to clients in all areas of law. The lawyers in our office assist you from the first step of the process to the last step.

Our law office offers efficient results by combining legal knowledge with sectoral experience. Provides personalized services to each client. If you are looking for a lawyer in Turkish, you can contact us and get help on legal matters. If you have further questions, you can ask law office.

If you are looking for Law firm in Turkey, Celiktas Law Firm provides services to its clients with its vast knowledge and experience. If you want to benefit from our solutions, simply contact us.

International Law Firms in Turkey

If you want to get legal support in Turkey as a foreigner, our law firm, which is one of the best law firms in international law, offers you the services you are looking for.  Our office provides services in different branches of law, among which we offer solutions such as:

  • Corporate Law
  • International Contracts Law
  • commercial law
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Arbitration Law
  • IT Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Law

If you want to get legal help using these, just contact us. Our company, which provides services in all areas of law, provides detailed services to its clients. Since our expert lawyers are fluent in foreign languages, they can communicate and receive services without any problems. Our law firm offers detailed services to both individual and corporate clients.

Law Firm İstanbul

Çeliktaş Law Firm, centrally located in the vibrant city of Istanbul, offers comprehensive legal services to both national and international clients. With a deep understanding of Turkish law and a commitment to excellence, our esteemed firm is dedicated to providing high-quality and effective legal solutions. We strive to protect and advocate for our clients’ rights, delivering tailored strategies to meet their unique needs and achieve the best possible outcomes.

An International Law Firm in Maslak, Istanbul

International law attorney generally provides legal consultancy and litigation services in disputes and works within the field of International Law.

Celiktas Law Firm, serving as an international law firm in Istanbul, shapes its strategy in a special way for each of its clients. After learning about their legal needs, it uses its experience and resources to make strategic suggestions in line with the most convenient options to achieve the goals and position the client in the best way.

Believing that the highest quality service should be provided, Celiktas Law Firm allocates its resources and time in the best way possible. It provides undivided attention to each of its clients with the relevant service they expect and deserve. You can contact us for the services we offer to both domestic and foreign real persons and legal entities as a professional Turkey law firm.

Civil Law Firm

Our firm excels in civil law, offering specialized services in areas such as property disputes, contract law, torts, and family law. We understand the complexities of civil litigation and are dedicated to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients through meticulous preparation and persuasive advocacy.

Foreign Law Firms

Çeliktaş Law Firm collaborates with foreign law firms to provide comprehensive legal solutions to international clients. Our global network allows us to offer seamless legal services across borders, ensuring that our clients receive consistent and high-quality representation wherever they operate.

Professional Law Office

If you want to receive lawyer in Turkish services as a foreigner, our law firm offers you the legal services you are looking for. Providing services in different branches of law, Turks Legal, our law firm also helps in areas such as:

  • Arbitration Law
  • IT Law
  • Mergers And Acquisitions Law
  • Collaboration Law
  • International Contracts Law
  • İmmigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Commercial Law

If you need legal assistance in Turks legal or other branches of law, you can contact us among foreign law firms. The professional lawyer team offers solutions by approaching each client in a special way.

English Speaking Lawyers in Turkey – Istanbul

The correct use of language is of great importance in international legal services. Being aware of this, Celiktas Law firm offers efficient solutions with a team of English-speaking lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey.

All the team members in our law firm are fluent in English. In this respect, communication can be established and maintained in an efficient way. In this regard, our target audience aims to provide services to anyone in need of legal support in a foreign language, especially in English, in Turkey.

If you are looking for solicitor lawyer in Turkey that speak English, our law firm is just a phone call away.

Experienced Lawyer in Turkey

If you are looking for a lawyer team experienced in the field of law, our law firm offers you the solutions you are looking for. Since our lawyers are fluent in foreign languages, they can communicate effectively. In addition, legal support is provided not only to individual clients but also to corporate individuals.

If you are wondering what services we offer among foreign law firms, you can check all services on our attorney website. In addition, you can easily see our contact numbers on the attorney website and get support whenever you want.

Among leading law firms, our law firm provides consultancy services in disputes and studies within the field of international law as an International Lawyer. In addition, litigation services are also available. You can ask law office your further questions.

As a premier law firm in Turkey, Çeliktaş Law Firm is dedicated to serving both local and international clients with integrity and excellence. Our Turkish lawyers possess extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations, and are adept at navigating the Turkish legal landscape. We are committed to providing our clients with superior legal services that meet the highest standards of quality.

Lawyer in Turkish

Our team of experienced Turkish lawyers specializes in various areas of law, including corporate, commercial, civil, criminal, and family law. We provide personalized legal services to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the Turkish legal system. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional legal representation and advice, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

International Attorney

Çeliktaş Law Firm offers international legal services to clients around the globe. Our team includes experienced international attorneys who understand the complexities of cross-border legal issues. We assist clients with international transactions, arbitration, litigation, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that their interests are protected in multiple jurisdictions.

Why are We at the Forefront Among Foreign Law Firms in Turkey?

Celiktas Law Firm serves you as an experienced law firm in Istanbul. Based in Istanbul, our office has a team that mainly focuses private law.

Our law firm brings integrity to everything it does and works tirelessly with the aim of gaining your trust. We believe that the level of trust between the law office and its clients is the most effective way to measure the success of the office.

Clients of our Law Firm in Turkey may directly reach to their leading attorney instead of trainees, assistants, or paralegals. In other words, clients may always communicate with their lawyers and get regularly updated about their cases.

In Which Fields We Provide Advocacy Services?

Our professional Law Firm in Turkey can assist its clients in different fields of the law. We mainly focus on

  1. Foreigners and Investment Law
  2. Corporate & Commercial Law
  3. International Sales of Goods
  4. Mergers & Acquisition
  5. Financial Technology (FinTech)
  6. Intellectual Property Law
  7. International Construction & Real Estate
  8. Litigation & Arbitration
  9. Medical Malpractice Law
  10. Contracts Law

We embrace a solution-oriented working model. We focus on the solution instead of being stuck in the problems. We combine the energy of the young team with the experience and knowledge to achieve great goals.

Our Law Firm is in Maslak, Istanbul where most of the business headquarters are located. Every day, our team make a sector specific research about legal developments all around the world and notify our clients about the amendments in the legislation. This way our clients are always prepared for changes.

If you want to benefit from the law firm services we offer with expert lawyers, just contact us. It is possible to find a solution in a short time without communication problems from lawyers who are fluent in foreign languages. Within the scope of all these areas, our company provides detailed legal services.

Legal Consultancy Services

Our law office, which provides law consultant services based in Istanbul, provides its services to all its local and foreign clients with its professional lawyers. The areas we serve are quite wide and we provide legal consultancy and advocacy.

Our law firm provides detailed services on legal issues and has advanced knowledge and skills in its field. It is always open to communication with its experienced and qualified lawyers.

Our lawyers, who have advanced areas of expertise and detailed experience, are multilingual and work in the languages they can speak. Thus, Turks Legal provides you with detailed services.

Our law firm, which provides high-quality legal services, listens to the needs of its clients and provides them with the best solutions within this framework.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Our law firm provides comprehensive services as an international legal consultancy. Many branches of law are included in this scope and it provides reliable solutions on legal processes.

In addition to all these, our office also provides you with the services you are looking for within the framework of legal business solutions. In this context, services such as legal consultancy are also included. Within the framework of all these, it analyzes the needs of its clients in the best way possible and provides the sought-after solutions.

Lawyer Consulting Services

At Çeliktaş Law Firm, we offer expert lawyer consulting services to guide you through complex legal issues. Our consultants provide strategic advice and practical solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether you need assistance with business transactions, dispute resolution, or compliance matters, our knowledgeable team is here to support you with clear, concise, and actionable legal counsel.

Get Legal Consultancy Service Now

Our company, as a law consultant, offers you uninterrupted solutions with its English-speaking lawyers in Turkey. Different communication tools are offered, and you can contact them using each of them, thus finding solutions to your legal needs. You can share it in writing as an e-mail address, or you can contact us via our phone number if you wish.

We have expertise in each of the legal supports we offer to you and always provide client-oriented services. The focus is on the legal situation so that the best solutions are found for them. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about business cultures as well as legal systems.

Who Does Celiktas Law Firm Serve?

As an international law firm law office, we provide legal consultation service to our clients all around the world. Our clientele consists of domestic and foreign individuals and corporations.

Why Foreigners Living in Turkey Should Prefer Celiktas Law Firm?

People may need legal services for different reasons. As Law firm Turkey, Celiktas Law Firm works on three basic disciplines. The disciplines in question were adopted as Trust, Honesty, and Diligence.

Our office serves you by focusing only on selected areas of law. In this way, personalized expert opinions can be provided for each client.

In addition, all our clients always have access to a lawyer in Turkish. Thus, it is possible for them to know us by our first name. Our strategy is determined specifically for each client. After the legal needs are understood, plans are made accordingly. Our experience and resources are effectively utilized to provide strategic advice.

In addition to all these, Istanbul foreigners office also attaches importance to correct and effective communication. In this respect, all our team can use the English language at a professional level. Team of Lawyers in Turkey that speak English, your needs can be better understood, so that you can be provided with the services you are looking for.

If you want to benefit from the services we offer as law firm in Istanbul – Turkey, you may contact us.

For your search for leading law firms in Turkey: Celiktas

Celiktas serves you among the leading law firms, located in Istanbul. Our office follows a special strategy for each client and provides special legal support accordingly.

After contacting the client, it is learned what the legal requirements are. From now on, it combines its legal expertise and resources and creates strategies accordingly.

Our law firm always believes in providing the highest quality service to its clients. For this reason, it provides services in different areas of law with legal expertise. He asks for the best legal service by managing his resources and time well. Besides global business and legal service, among best human rights law firms, we offer different law services too.

We are here with legal expertise service!

Our legal expertise spans a wide range of practice areas, enabling us to address diverse legal challenges with proficiency and skill. Our attorneys are well-versed in the latest legal developments and are committed to continuous learning and professional growth. This dedication ensures that we provide our clients with the most current and effective legal strategies.

Among global business and legal service law offices, our law firm has lawyers who are experts in their field. Since all our lawyers can speak English at the best level, communication with clients is ensured without any problems. This ensures that you receive the best legal service.

As best human rights law firms, our law firm provides services to anyone who needs legal support. For this, our office is just a phone call away and you can contact us at any time.

Global Business and Legal Services

If you are seeking for international legal advice, our law firm offers the most suitable solutions for you. Our office, headquartered in Istanbul, provides services in all areas of law. Our office works tirelessly and carries out all your legal transactions professionally until the last step.

In addition, international legal advice is provided specifically for each client. Among top law firms, you can contact us at any time and get support.

International legal advice

Our lawyers international provides services in all areas of law. It provides services in different legal fields, from foreigners and investment law to international sales of goods.

Among top law firms, our lawyers offer you solutions in different fields, tailored to your needs. Adopting a solution-oriented approach, our office also conducts research on legal developments around the world and follows the legislation closely. Our lawyers international thus offers you the most suitable solutions.

Our firm provides expert international legal advice to businesses and individuals facing cross-border legal issues. We assist with international contracts, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights, and compliance with international regulations. Our goal is to help our clients navigate the complexities of international law and achieve their global business objectives.

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    Legal consultancy services and litigation in the subjects of engagement, marriage, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, provisions and consequences of divorce, property regimes, paternity, adoption, custody, child support right, guardianship, trusteeship, alimony.


    Legal services and consultancy in the establishment processes of companies, preparation of company articles of association, arrangement and examination of commercial contracts, consultancy in merger and acquisition transactions, legal support in all kinds of daily transactions of companies


    Application of design, trademark, patent, utility model, geographical indications to Turkish Trademark and Patent Office, follow-up of application stages, natural and legal support of trademark infringement cases


    Compensation of liability arising from medical malpractice, mediation negotiations, follow-up of compensation cases, expert opinion on malpractice cases, consultancy service


    Providing consultancy to domestic and foreign companies within the scope of Turkish law and the United Nations Agreement on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), preparation and arrangement of contracts, legal support, and litigation in the settlement of disputes arising from contracts.


    Examination of international contracts, legal support in the resolution of disputes arising from contracts, completion of mediation negotiations, preparation of international contracts.


    Application to consumer arbitration committee, objection to consumer arbitration committee decisions, compensation cases arising from consumer transactions, lawsuits to be filed due to defective goods, lawsuits filed due to defective service, follow-up of compensation lawsuits filed due to defective goods and services, and legal support.


    Follow-up and completion of residence permits of foreigners in Turkey, follow-up of work permits, follow-up and completion of Turkish citizenship applications in general and exceptional ways, objection to deportation decisions.

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