Real Estate Law covers a very wide area of law. Global real estate law firm helps people in this context.

What is Real Estate & Leasing Law?

Real estate law may vary from country to country. But in general, each of these is quite detailed.

In this regard, people should get legal support on real estate law not only in their own country but also when they go to a different country. Our law firm assists you in real estate & leasing law Turkey with its lawyers who are fluent in their field.

Global Real Estate Law Firm

Real Estate Law is an area that forms part of civil law. It is seen as an important field within property law departments. In this respect, it has a structure that concerns every segment of society. The field deals with points such as houses, land, apartments and flats.

The “right of property”, which forms the basis of Real Estate Law, is protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and the European Convention on Human Rights. As law office real estate, our law firm offers you the solutions you are looking for with its lawyers who are experts in this field.

Real Estate Law is quite broad and title deed cancellation cases also fall within the scope of this field. These are among the issues that need to be known regarding the title deed cancellation process:

  • The land deed annulment case is filed against the person who owns the land deed and is alleged to have obtained the land deed illegally.
  • In order for the case to have a positive outcome, necessary information must be provided regarding what aspects it is against the law.
  • In a land deed annulment case, the court decision must become final in order for people to proceed with the implementation step.

A necessary land deed annulment lawsuit may be filed for purchasing a land deed with shares from a single person and subsequently abusing the rights of other shareholders. As real estate contract law lawyers, we can assist you in your needs in these area.

Real Estate & Leasing Law in Turkey

The real estate lawyer provides detailed services on the subject. In this context, in order to protect the client’s rights, it is necessary to be informed about which court’s jurisdiction the case in which the person will be involved falls within the jurisdiction. In general terms, the litigation issues in this field are as follows:

  • Title deed transactions of a real estate and each of the problems arising from this issue
  • Preparation of the rental agreement, maintenance of landlord and tenants
  • Stages of property acquisition by foreigners without citizenship in Turkey
  • Matters arising from the purchase and sale of real estate

Our law firm as real estate property lawyer, helps not only Turkish citizens but also foreign clients. If you, as a foreigner, need help on real estate law in Turkey, just contact us immediately.

What Does Real Estate & Leasing Law Cover?

Commercial real estate lawyer provides detailed services on this subject. Our law firm provides legal services to its clients in all cases related to real estate in general. Some of the cases handled within this framework are as follows:

  • Suit of partition
  • Land title cancellation and registration cases
  • Prohibitive interference cases
  • Adequate price cases
  • Right of way cases
  • Detection cases
  • Action for preemption

In addition, different real estate cases are handled through our lawyers who are experts in Turkey real estate law. If you, as a foreigner, would like to benefit from these, you only need to contact us via our contact number.

Prevention of intervention is also among the services provided in this regard. First of all, when the real estate is put into use, approval must be obtained from the owner of the property in question. This is the most basic rule. The use of the area by people without the consent of the owner of the property or their use of it for their own domination is among the sufficient reasons for filing a lawsuit.

English-Speaking Turkish Real Estate & Leasing Lawyers

Each country has its own law, which is quite detailed in itself. Therefore, if people need legal services on any issue, they should contact law firms. Cases must always be conducted in accordance with legal processes, and expert lawyers support their clients throughout the entire process, from the beginning to the conclusion of the process.

As Real estate and leasing law Turkey law firm, we offer solutions to our clients on this branch of law. Our law firm provides support not only to citizens of the Republic of Turkey, but also to foreigners who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Real estate lawyer cost may vary depending on the type of case, and you can get information from us after contacting us.