How to establish an Auto Gallery Business in Turkey?

What is the Trade of Secondhand Motor Land Vehicles?

Second-hand motor land vehicle trade is carried out by businesses that have a certificate of authority. Sales of more than three second-hand motor land vehicles realized directly or through intermediation in a calendar year are accepted as second-hand motor land vehicle trade, unless otherwise determined by the Ministry. The authorization certificate is given, renewed and canceled through the Information System by the provincial directorate in the place where the business dealing with the second-hand motor land vehicle trade is located.

What are the Conditions Required for Granting a Certificate of Authority?

  1. Police Clearance Certificate
  2. Registering with the trade association
  3. Being an income and corporate taxpayer

Existence of second-hand motor land vehicle trade activity among the fields of activity and *tax records and *business and working license

*Authorized representatives of trade companies engaged in second-hand motor land vehicle trade

  1. At least high school graduate
  2. Having a Vocational Qualification Certificate-Level 5
  3. Finding a business and working license, finding a workplace conformity certificate

The application for the authorization certificate is made through the Information System together with the documents showing that the conditions sought for the authorization certificate are met. Enterprises that are understood to meet the requirements for issuing a certificate of authorization are given a certificate of authorization within ten days from the date of application.

What is the Validity Period of the Authorization Certificate?

The validity period of the authorization certificates is 5 years. At the end of 5 years, the authorization certificates must be renewed. In the event that the 5 year validity period of the authorization certificate expires or the information in the content of the authorization certificate changes, the certificate renewal is made through the electronic information system. Notification should be made within 30 days before the end of the 5-year authorization period, and within 7 days if the information in the content of the authorization certificate changes.

What is a Professional Competence Certificate?

The professional qualification certificate required for the realization of motor land vehicle purchase and sale transactions is arranged in two different ways as Level 5 and Level 4. Persons authorized to represent real person merchants, tradesmen and craftsmen themselves , commercial companies and other legal person merchants. At least one of them , and in branches , the branch manager must have at least a Motor Vehicles Purchase and Sale Responsible Level 5 professional qualification certificate. Persons employed as marketing and sales personnel in the business where second-hand motor land vehicles are traded must have a Motor Vehicles Purchase and Sale Consultant Level 4 vocational qualification certificate.

 What is the Promotion and Announcement of Second Hand Motor Land Vehicle?

There is an identification card on the second-hand motor land vehicle offered for sale, in an easily visible and readable manner, containing up-to-date information about the vehicle.

The identification card should include the authorization number and other information listed. Other information that should be included in the introduction card is as follows; Whether the brand, type, type and model year, numbers or letters are darkened and the engine and chassis number, license plate number, fuel type, mileage, sales price, painted and changed parts, damage record by specifying the quality, annotations such as pledge or lien on it.

What are the Obligations of the Businesses Posting an Advertisement for the Secondhand Motor Vehicle Trade?

  • Include the authorization certificate number and the business name or title on the authorization certificate with other information up-to-date.
  • Not to include third parties with misleading information and documents.
  • To terminate the advertisement activity within three days in case the second hand motor land vehicle is sold or the vehicle delivery certificate expires.

What are the Obligations of Businesses?

  • Name, surname, TR identity number or foreigner identity number and contact information of motor land vehicle purchase and sale managers and consultants, where these persons started work; to inform the provincial directorate of quitting the job via the Information System within ten days from the date of this situation.
  • Not to employ persons who do not have a professional qualification certificate as a motor vehicle purchase and sale officer or consultant, except in cases where a professional qualification certificate is not required.
  • To declare the authorization certificate number to the appraisal company during the issuance of the appraisal report and to the notary public during the sale.
  • Submitting a copy of the appraisal report to the notary public at the time of sale.
  • To act morally, fairly and honestly during commercial activities, not to engage in unfair and unlawful behavior and commercial practices, not to hide information that may affect the buying and selling preferences of the people it serves, and not to encourage these people to engage in illegal or unethical practices.
  • Not to engage in promotion and announcement activities regarding the second-hand motor land vehicle that it is not authorized to sell.
  • Not to use areas reserved for common use of the public, such as roads and pavements, as vehicle display areas.
  • Fulfilling the other obligations of the enterprise engaged in second-hand motor land vehicle trade in this Regulation.
  • To comply with the measures taken by the Ministry in order to develop the second-hand motor land vehicle trade and to protect the consumer.”

What are Control and Penalty Provisions?

The Ministry is authorized to take all kinds of measures in order to develop the second-hand motor land vehicle trade and to protect the consumer and to carry out inspections for the implementation of this Regulation. Administrative fines are imposed by the Ministry for businesses that do not comply with the conditions related to second-hand motor land vehicle trade and act in violation of the relevant regulation. Ministries may delegate their authority to impose administrative fines to provincial directorates.