yatırım yoluyla vatandaşlıkta arsa

With the Official Gazette announcement numbered 32397 published on 12/12/2023, the statement in subparagraph (b) of the second paragraph of Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law has been amended.

In order to acquire Turkish citizenship, Article 20 of the regulation states that “The property of at least 400.000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency must be annotated in the Directorate of Land Registry records that will not be sold for 3 years.”   With the regulation published on 12/12/2023, the statement “property in foreign currency” in the relevant article has been changed as “property with condominium ownership or construction servitude or property with a building on the land”.

Before the amendment of the relevant article, it was allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship with the purchase of land on which there was no building and whose sales price was more than 400.000 USD. However, with the new regulation, it is required to have a building on the land to be purchased as of 12/12/2023.

The point to be understood from this statement is that if there is no building or construction servitude on the land to be purchased as of the effective date of the relevant law, the land cannot be subject of the application for Turkish citizenship.