ilyas çeliktaş

Dr. İlyas Çeliktaş



İlyas Çeliktaş is a Turkish Lawyer and a Law professor. He is a Senior Partner at Celiktas Law Firm.
Mr. İlyas has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of Company and Commercial law. He has completed his law studies in Ankara University, then he completed his LLM in Anadolu University and he wrote a thesis about “Regulation and taxation of investment partnerships in Turkey”. Following his LLM, he completed his PhD in Marmara University, he wrote his thesis about “Acquisition of own shares of joint stock company”. He has given lectures of Company law, Commercial law, Securities Law and Intellectual property law for almost 20 years.


He has countless articles, book parts and legal opinions published in both domestic and international publications. He actively takes part as legal expert and gives legal opinion on critical lawsuits.


Mr. İlyas holds a PhD degree and is a member of Istanbul Bar Association. He is currently providing legal consultation to both domestic and international companies especially regarding company and commercial law.